Grant Recipients

Our artists, venues and producers are the very backbone of Adelaide Fringe. Without them, we wouldn't have a festival! 

We believe in supporting innovative ideas and encouraging individuals to take bold risks. The Adelaide Fringe is supporting 25 projects across seven genres for the 2022 season.

Get a sneak peek of the 2022 Fringe and read more about the exciting projects. 

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2022 Artist Grant Recipients

Ben Francis (SA)

Project: The 60 Four: In Concert

The 60 Four present the biggest hits of the 60s with a contemporary sound and stunning showmanship that have made them a Fringe favourite. Backed by a spectacular 9-piece band they dazzle audiences with original arrangements and vocal harmonies. In 2022, The 60 Four will tour extensively in regional SA.

Six Foot Something Productions (VIC)

Project: You Are a Doughnut

You are a Doughnut is a vaudeville-inspired biological, musical comedy cabaret that takes family audiences on an epic voyage through the human digestive system! Join Oesoph A. Gus and Dewey Dean as they embark upon an utterly brilliant exploration of every twisting tube and remarkable organ… with sketches, songs and puppets.

Dummies Corp. (VIC)

Project: Sweetie

Dummies Corp presents ‘Sweetie’ a powerful new solo work starring acclaimed circus-comedian Simon Wright. Sweetie addresses the deep loneliness that comes with aging and the complexities of caring for somebody with increasing memory loss, delivered through rich character work and sharp edged humour, sprinkled with world class circus and magic.

Eleanor Stankiewicz (NSW)

Project: Eleanor Stankiewicz: Nanna-stasia

When Eleanor was 7, she saw the classic 1998 film Anastasia and was convinced that the heroine was her Nanna. The truth would prove to be much more incredible... An award-winning, heart-warming story that will make you laugh and cry in equal measure. Featuring the classic songs from Anastasia.


Project: ://dumb_bored

This new Dance Theatre work under the creative duo FLESHSOUP, dives into a world of dystopian boredom. We take a journey with a dancer looking into ideas of creativity, blissful loneliness, limitless thoughts and creative energy as we immerse you into a world like no other.

Hew Parham (SA)

Project: A Not So Trivial Pursuit

Emerging from the cesspool of covid and a midlife malaise, local clown lunatic Hew Parham will take on his greatest pursuit yet, six clown scenes, directed by six clown directors from around the world. Under the triviality is the question: how do we find the light in these dark times?

Julia Mayer(SA)

Project: Nella

Mangia! Take a seat as Nella shares her family story of migration, new beginnings and her love of pasta. Written and performed by Julia Mayer, Nella is stirred with passion, simmered with soul and served with homegrown tomatoes. A funny, heartfelt and familiar tale to many who call Australia home.

Karen Lee Roberts (QLD)

Project: Chameleon

This hilarious, emotionally charged, cabaret has a relatable moment for everyone! A very real insight into dating, fitness and the dreaded high school reunion will double as a great night out and free therapy for all. Come on a wild ride deep into the twisted rabbit-hole of the human psyche.

Welcoming Centre (SA)

Project: Secret Recipes

How does food play a role in our experience of storytelling, culture and community? From First Nations to newcomers, Secret Recipes is a journey of welcome and belonging. Guests will join in an exploration of shared traditions and new stories through food, arts, story and music.

Liat Kedem (SA)

Project: See You On The Other Side

See You On The Other Side is an intimate, accessible contemporary dance-theatre work created and performed by a diverse cast of South Australian artists. This work pays tribute to important moments in our everyday lives, whilst looking at change, which does not always occur gracefully or willingly, but is inevitable, natural and quietly constant.

Lina Limosani & Daniel Jaber (SA)

Project: ’Declivity’

Declivity’ is a double-bill that draws on Edgar Allen Poe’s tale ‘The Premature Burial’. Created for four SA dance graduates and by innovative SA Choreographers Daniel Jaber and Lina Limosani, these two highly physical dance works will be a muscularly aggressive and ‘on the edge of your seat’ experience that questions what it is to be human.

Matthew Barker (SA)

Project: The Fish Bowl

The Fish Bowl is a one-hour experimental theatre piece exploring themes of communication, ageing, and identity through the real-life stories of people living with Alzheimer’s within a South Australian memory unit. The piece celebrates the rich character’s you find in aged care and the wisdom they impart. 

No Strings Attached Theatre of Disability (SA)

Project: SAME-SAME 2.0

SAME-SAME2.0 is an online, international, inclusive collaboration between No Strings (Adelaide) and DADC (Singapore). First created in 2020 this production focuses on friendship - highlighting the experiences of disabled performers during COVID-19, bringing back four of the original performers with a new co-director Andi Snelling working with Jeffrey Tan.

Patrick Livesey (VIC)

Project: Little Yellow Bird

Little Yellow Bird is a verbatim solo-performance based on a year of interviews I did with my Mum’s closest friends and family. In 2015, Mum took her life and in the wake of her death I sought out those who knew her best to better understand this person and the life she had led.

Rhys Ryan (VIC)

Project: Bodylex

Bodylex is an experimental dance work exploring the physical effect of legal systems on the body, from lawyer-turned-choreographer Rhys Ryan. By revealing the invisible forces that shape our movement, this gripping new work probes bigger questions about power and agency in a world of colliding sovereignties.

Get Well Circus (VIC,WA)

Project: Get Well Soon

Exploring experiences of chronic pain, endless waiting rooms and unsolicited medical advice, Get Well Soon is a triumph in finding the humour in complex conversations about our healthcare. This hilarious, hopeful and gutsy new circus show is made by and for the folks who just can't always ‘Get Well Soon’.

Tutti Arts (SA)

Project: Nutritional Index

Nutritional Index is an interpretative tour of the Art Gallery of South Australia led by South Australian artists Kurt Bosecke and Emmaline Zanelli. Using food and nourishment as a lens, Nutritional Index is a playful and, at times, surreal reading of the gallery's collections, building, habits and cultural function.

Wendy Dixon-Whiley (SA)

Project: Oblique Strategies

The Adelaide Hills will become the destination for a completely immersive augmented reality arts experience. The walls will be completely covered in the mind-bending creations from Visual Artist Wendy Dixon-Whiley and the art will ‘come alive’ through the use of AR technology.

Wil King (VIC)

Project: Constellations

Quantum multiverse theory. Romance. Honey. CONSTELLATIONS by Nick Payne is a love story that spans a multitude of different realities; exposing the infinite possibilities that exist within each moment. The Adelaide premiere of this prestige two-hander play, which is currently taking the UK by storm.


2022 South Australian Producer Grant Recipients

Peta Spurling-Brown (SA)

Hey Boss’s Adelaide Fringe 2022 season will include a selection of new and existing works across the cabaret, comedy, and music genres. Currently slated to include the return of the award-winning hit ‘Smashed – The Brunch Party’, and new shows from Abandoman, Massaoke Oz, and Tessa Waters.

School of Chinese Music & Arts - Zhao Liang (SA)

School of Chinese Music & Arts will deliver three shows in Adelaide Fringe 2022: Multicultural Storytime for audiences from the age of 0 up and multigenerational families; Adelaide Chinese Orchestra in collaboration with Woodville High School’s strings; and Radial Quartet – an oriental sonic experimental group, featuring Zhao Liang guzheng, Jarrad Payne, Bonnie Aue and Dylan Marshall


2022 Venue Grant Recipients

Australian Migrant Resource Centre (SA)

The Australian Migrant Resource Centre will expand their Café Musica season of performances by talented musicians, singers and dancers from refugee and migrant communities.Their café-style venue near Central Market will have intimate performances from artists from Persia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, Africa, Burma, Uzbekistan, Syria including a multi-ethnic ensemble bringing together traditions and influences to create a global sound.

Goodwood Theatre & Studios (SA)

Enjoy secret nooks, mini galleries and live performances with a cold drink or two at VICTORIA LANE. An all-inclusive outdoor popup fringe venue adjacent to the Goodwood Theatre & Studios and showcasing a diverse mix of artists across all genres.

Nexus Arts (SA)

Nexus Arts presents five music and cabaret performances from leading Adelaide artists from culturally diverse and underrepresented backgrounds, highlighting the breadth of cultural experiences to be uncovered within this great city of ours.


2022 Quick Response Grant Recipients

  • Adam-Troy Francis
  • Andi Snelling
  • CircoBats Performance Troupe
  • David Dai
  • Electric Fields
  • First Nation Voices
  • Georgina Trevorrow
  • Gill Hicks
  • Glenn Shea
  • Jason Chong
  • Jennifer Trijo
  • Katherine Sortini/Deus Ex Femina
  • Kathryn Hall
  • Kym Mackenzie
  • Lewis Major
  • Matt Hawkins
  • Mema Sifa
  • Smashed
  • Rebecca Castaldini
  • Spencer Scholz
  • Thomas Fonua
  • Yasemin Sabuncu

2022 First Nation Collaboration Grant Recipients

These grants are supported by the Departmnet of The Premier and Cabinet through Arts South Australia.

Aboriginal Comedy All Stars

Starring Australia’s premier comedians Sean Choolburra, Kevin Kropinyeri, Andy Saunders & Steph Tisdell. After sell-out seasons and 5 star reviews all throughout Australia and the UK, the Allstars bring huge belly laughs from the heart of the wide brown land. 


Project: Dane Simpson: Didgeridoozy

The standup comedy show that really blows! Gut-bustingly funny stories, fun facts + big laughs - a comedic ode to one of the world’s oldest wind instruments. Discover the what/why/how of the didge and have a hell of a lot of fun along the way.

Steph Tisdell

Project: Steph Tisdell’s Black Out Comedy Club

The Black Out Comedy Club presents an evening of real, raw Black comedy featuring Steph Tisdell and a line-up of some of the brightest up-and-coming First Nations performers including Jay Wymarra, Kylan Ambrum and Leon Filewood as well as some well-known drop ins! Reconciliation through laughter, what isn’t to love? Elevating some of the newest stories from the oldest continuing culture on earth, this is a must-see experience. 

Amelia O’Leary

Project: Yinarr

'Yinarr' is a glimpse into the discovery and exploration of Gamilaroi Woman, Amelia O’Leary’s, journey with identity. Yinarr means ‘Aboriginal Woman’ in Gamillaraay Language.  In this iteration of 'Yinarr', O’Leary shares a raw physical depiction of her internal vortex of identity and sisterhood that ripples into the physical, digital and spiritual worlds. 

Balya Productions

Project: Balya Productions - First Nations Master Classes

First Nations Production Master Classes - Offering Artists and Creatives the opportunity to up-skill their production knowledge on their own show requirements, Live performance, standard required in the Performing Arts and Events industry.

Briefs Factory

Project: Colour Coded

Colour Coded is a savage late night punk political Circus, Dance, Drag, Theatre and comedy will head line the Garden of Unearthly Delights every Saturday night bringing you a line-up of steadfast staples including principle dancers, Jakirah and Tikana Telfer of renowned local Kaura dance company Yellaka, Dale Woodbridge-Brown, Melanie Koolmaitre and Kaine Sultan-Babij. Colour Coded picks up the relay baton and splinters off inciting celebratory, timely and vital visibility for first nations artists from across the festival in a format that adds to the Black List iconography.

Dance Anatomy – ASTRO Entertainment

Project: NAKUN

'Nakun' means 'LOOK' Be ready to be immersed into a powerful First Nations performance art stage experience mixing Culture, Art & Technology. Breathtaking costumes and set against a state of the art digital backdrop. Epic kaleidoscope of emerging professional creatives telling truth of the historical Past, Present and future towards reconciliation.

Deadly Darwin

Project: Deadly Darwin: A Time to Celebrate

Deadly Darwin is like the film the 'Commitments' without the commitment...We believe that laughter is the best medicine and Deadly Darwin is the prescription. 

Deadly Nannas


6 Ngarrindjeri women with 2 kringkri ma:dawar (white sisters) who come together to perform songs in Ngarrindjeri and English. We perform together to bring healing, joy, happiness, empowerment and reconciliation. Listen to the lyrics and hear our journey and how we have overcome our struggles in life. The nannas love singing in their language and hopes to inspire their community to continue to revive the language.

Dusty Feet Mob

Dusty Feet Mob are more than just an Aboriginal dance group. They are both Contemporary and Traditional. They are a community that nurtures strength, confidence and dignity. They build connection to culture, community and country. They know that storytelling through dance and song is their culture.  This will be a very special cultural experience and the first time Dusty Feet Mob have performed in Adelaide Fringe.

Girls Rock Adelaide

​​​​​​​Project: First Nations Girls Rock!

Girls Rock! Adelaide has been providing music opportunities to girls, trans and gender diverse children since 2018 - but now, we bring you First Nations Girls Rock! In this program, we will provide workshops in which First Nations girls, trans and gender diverse young people aged 10-17 will get to play instruments, get involved in songwriting, and play music with each other! These activities take place in a non-judgemental environment that encourages experimentation, learning and empowerment led by experienced female, trans and gender diverse mentors.

Glenn Skuthorpe Music

​​​​​​​Project: River Dreaming

River Dreaming is an intimate evening with world class indigenous musician Glenn Skuthorpe and bush poet A. B. “Ben” Eggleton as they share their life journeys through poetry and song. Glenn and A.B come together with their backing band to share stories of this vast sacred land. A unique show with a take away appreciation for how poetry and music has come to be quintessential to Australia's history. 

Joshua Warrior


​​​​​​​Project: The Boomerang Show

Joshua Warrior opens up about the honesty of children and the many intriguing questions they always seem to be asking. Sometimes dumbfounding him for an answer. He shares the complex and new ideas with the crowd. A very impressive rendition of his own chicken dance, that should be introduced into across the country! Loads of fun and informative information about Aboriginal culture will be shared throughout.

Mali Isabel Art​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​Project: Mali Isabel Art: Live

Mali Isabel Art: Mali Isabel – the Adelaide Fringe’s first Aboriginal poster artist will be live painting in a glass studio in Rundle Mall throughout the festival. Live will be an explosion of colour and creativity on Rundle Mall, where you can see the artist’s processes up close.

Michael Griffiths

​​​​​​​Project: Steven Oliver: Bigger and Blacker

You might know Steven Oliver from being sexy on ABC's Black Comedy. Or perhaps from hosting Faboriginal on SBS. But his talents don't end there; get ready for a bit of a rap, a bit of a sing, a bit of a tap and a lot of shaking his ring. Bigger and Blacker has been described by Sydney Morning Herald as a 'tour de force' comedy cabaret and is guaranteed to get you laughing, thinking and shimmying in your seats. With his good pal Michael Griffiths on keys and harmonies, Steven makes his Adelaide Fringe debut with this acclaimed show that has dazzled audiences all around the country.

Mud House Music

​​​​​​​Project: Jeremy Whiskey The J Whiskey Project

Jeremy Whiskey returns from the Far North Western Desert to Adelaide with his infamous composer skills with his band of Law men and brothers from the remote Desert Australia in a multi shonra collaboration of pure entertainment a music event not to be missed

Na Djinang Circus

Project: Common Dissonance

'Common Dissonance' is a contemporary circus work depicting the struggle between traditional and modern modes of reasoning. Featuring two performers with shared and distinctly individual experiences, this work aims not only to explore the harmony and conflict of contemporary Australian reasoning, but to find a Common Dissonance.

Party Passport Entertainment & Events

​​​​​​​Project: ALL SORTS

A little bit Cabaret, a little bit disco! ALL SORTS returns to Adelaide Fringe!

Pietagogetter Productions through Auspicious Arts


​​​​​​​Project: Do You Thrust Me?

This comedy show, is part Hip Hop music gig, a Drag show, and an all queer celebration of decolonisation. Melanie Mununggurr (Australian Slam Poet Champion 2018) and Hope One (Hot Brown Honey and Beatbox champion) are two queer First Nations people of colour who use comedy, beatboxing, poetry, music and dance to do their part in dismantling and destroying systemic racism, patriarchal systems, white supremacy and the effects of colonialism that have attempted to assimilate and destroy them and their ancestors through the generations.

Red Poles

​​​​​​​Project: ‘Ngarrindjeri Ruwe’ – Our Lands and Waters

Ngarrindjeri artists Cedric Varcoe, Amanda Westley, Kyla McHughes, Kevin Kropindjeri and Sandra Saunders present a mixed media exhibition titled 'Ngarrindjeri Ruwe' - Our Lands and Waters -  includes a series of workshops, demonstrations, Indigenous live music, smoking ceremony and welcome to country.

Sean Choolburra

​​​​​​​Project: World By Storm

A powerhouse unlike any other. With the skills to back him, Sean made big noise in the dance world, became one of our First Nations’ leading comic geniuses and could entertain a microphone stand if he had to. Comedian, rap singer, dancer, hip-hop didge player, and hailing from Townsville with storm as his totem, this is the world of Sean. By Sean.

Southern Cultural Immersion

​​​​​​​Project: WARRIPARINGA WAY Featuring: Archie Roach, The Yabu Band

Soak up the evening sun and immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture with renowned First Nation artists Uncle Archie Roach with supporting act, The Yabu Band, on the culturally significant lawns of Warriparinga and the Living Kaurna Cultural Centre. Don’t miss Archie’s soulful and heartfelt performance as he joins the Kaurna community in this exclusive Fringe performance.

Tal-Kin-Jeri Dance Group

​​​​​​​Project: Yarnin Pangari (Talking Spirit) Festival

Join world renowned performer & cultural ambassador Ngarrindjeri Elder Major "Moogy" Sumner for a unique festival of sharing culture and healing the spirit in the natural surrounds of the Belair National Park. Beginning with a smoking ceremony, there will be interactive dance performances, workshops, yarnin circles and sunset corroboree.

The Jack and Annie Show

Jack and Annie are two eccentric and slightly deranged best friends with one common goal; air the greatest talk show of all time! But, watch what happens when things don't go to plan and these two hungry little co-hosts discover that even the sweetest dreams come at a sticky price.

Thomas Fonua

​​​​​​​Project: Black Puddin’

Utilising a variety format and featuring artists across theatre, comedy, drag, circus, music and dance, Black Puddin’ is a genre-defining new work which examines the impact of shared languages and the concept of remorse. It’s a high-energy, tongue-in-cheek response to a society that unapologetically throw stones and then hides their hands.

Uncle Jack Charles

​​​​​​​Project: A Night With Uncle Jack Charles

Uncle Jack Charles is an actor, musician, potter, and gifted performer, but in his 78 years he has also been homeless, a heroin addict, a thief, and a regular in Victoria’s prisons. A member of the Stolen Generation, Jack has spent his life in-between acting gigs, caught in the ‘addiction/crime/doing time’ cycle. Today, overcoming these past struggles, Uncle Jack is here to share tales published in his 2019 biography Jack Charles: A Born-again Blakfella.

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Banner Image: photographed by Morgan Roberts. Steven Oliver, Bigger & Blacker, 2022 First Nations Collaboration recipient