Our Ambassadors

Meet Our 2024 Ambassadors

Adam Liaw

Adam Liaw is an author, columnist and one of Australia’s most in-demand television personalities, hosting ‘The Cook Up with Adam Liaw’ on SBS. Adam grew up in the Adelaide Hills and is a proud Ambassador for Adelaide Fringe 2024. He’ll be bringing ‘The Cook Up with Adam Liaw LIVE’ to the iconic Woodville Town Hall this Fringe.
“I’m thrilled to be an official Fringe Ambassador this year, but I think I’ve been an unofficial ambassador for years already. Fringe brings Adelaide alive like no other festival and I’m so excited to be a part of this year!”
Experience ‘The Cook Up with Adam Liaw LIVE’ on 29 February and 1 March. Book your tickets early, it’s bound to sell out fast!
Adam Liaw smiling at the camera, wearing a black tshirt against a grey background

Prinnie Stevens

Artist Prinnie Stevens standing against a black background in front of a microphone. Prinnie is wearing a giant white flower in her hair.
Prinnie Stevens is a powerhouse singer, dancer, songwriter and storyteller. Having shared the stage with some of the biggest names in music for more than two decades (Mary j Blige, Patti Labelle, Chaka Khan & more), Prinnie continues to share the story of empowerment through music which has helped shape and guide her, both professionally and personally. 

Prinnie combined her musical theatre skills, pop, RnB, soul, influences and TV background to deliver timeless performances in the last three seasons at Adelaide Fringe.

“I am absolutely thrilled to be an Adelaide Fringe Ambassador for 2024. As a performer, the Fringe was the first place I got to explore being a producer and telling my unfiltered story. I’m so passionate about not only creating a safe space for myself, but to open the door for others to be able to share that stage, too. I strongly believe that black and brown stories need to be told by black and brown people, allowing them, their voice and platform to share it.” 

Revisit these iconic musical moments in history through the eyes of Prinnie’s ‘Lady Sings The Blues Volume Two’ from 16-25 February.

Isaac Humphries

You may know Isaac as a star Basketballer for the Adelaide 36ers, but as he continues to share more about his off-court life, particularly his love for music, we are starting to see an emerging talent in more ways than one. Isaac is excited to continue his representation of Adelaide through the Fringe and cannot wait to contribute to the festival and its impact to the state.

“Adelaide holds a special place in my heart. I can’t believe I’m about to have a show in Adelaide Fringe and I'm so grateful to be an Ambassador. I love contributing to this amazing community and to be able to bring my live music back to Adelaide, a city that has helped me become so much of who I am, is very special to me.”

Isaac’s vocal range is as wide as he is tall. Catch him live at his show ‘Isaac Humphries - Unearthed’ on 15 and 16 March.
A spotlight illuminates artist Isaac Humphries. He is wearing a black and white feather jacket, holding a golden microphone to his forehead.

Adelaide Fringe Ambassador Alumni

2024 - Adam Liaw, Prinnie Stevens, Isaac Humphries
2023 - Kween Kong, Sarah Millican, Penny Arcade
2022 - Reuben Kaye, Diana Nguyen, Nazeem Hussain
2021 - Tilda Cobham Hervey, Electric Fields, Ross Noble, Brooke Boney
2020 - Marcia Hines, Fez Faanana, Amanda Palmer
2019 - Hans, Judith Lucy, Gavin Wanganeen
2018 - Courtney Act, Joel Creasey
2017 - Hugh Sheridan, Adrienne Truscott, Jimmy C
2016 - Julian Clary
2015 - Kitty Flanagan
2014 - Katie Noonan
2013 - Paul McDermott