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About Adelaide Fringe

Adelaide Fringe would like to acknowledge Kaurna Yarta Miyurna First Nations Peoples and their ancestral lands on which our festival and office is located. We respect the living cultures, spirit and country of the First Peoples. We acknowledge and embrace the significance and diversity of First Nations People's contributions in our Fringe and in the greater arts community.

Who We Are

Adelaide Fringe is a world-renowned, annual arts festival that celebrates culture, place and artists from across the globe.

Bringing 6,000+ independent artists far and wide to South Australia, Adelaide Fringe is a destination for culture seekers in search for a hive of activity.

For 64 years, Fringe's innovative and inclusive approach as an open-access arts festival has made it a hub for emerging talent, as well as a destination for established artists from around the world. Among the audiences at Adelaide Fringe are hundreds of industry professionals from around the world, scouting for shows to book for future touring. This makes Adelaide Fringe a thriving marketplace for artists as well as a public facing festival.

Adelaide Fringe is a not-for-profit organisation that celebrates diversity and encourages a social cohesion through cultural exchange, bringing people together and providing a platform for artists to share their unique perspectives with a global audience.

Adelaide Fringe's popularity has led to significant growth in ticket sales year-on-year, making it Australia's biggest arts festival and must-visit destination for travellers seeking out cultural experiences.

What We Do

Held over four weeks during February and March each year, Adelaide Fringe is an open-access festival that welcomes anyone with an event to participate. 

What does open-access mean? Fringe doesn't edit or limit the program, we don’t curate any events or run any venues, but there are hundreds of curators and venues that operate under the umbrella of Adelaide Fringe annually. Adelaide Fringe provides a platform to support this unique ecosystem. The Fringe team is a highly accessible support network available to artists, producers and venues year-round.

Adelaide Fringe supports those participating at the festival by providing a customer-friendly ticketing service, connecting artists with the various stakeholders to support their venture, and driving tourism to the state of South Australia to enjoy the magic of Fringe.

How We Do It

Presenting Adelaide Fringe is a $35 million activity each year, 13% of which is provided by the State Government. The remainder is earned through Partnerships, ticketing fees, registrations and other business activity, as well Arts Unlimited, the Philanthropic Arm of Adelaide Fringe.

95% of the $23 million in box office from ticket sales is paid out directly to artists and venues.
A $35 million festival ecosystem. $23 m box office. Government funds. Fees, sales, partnerships, registrations, philanthropy.
Ecosystem Breakdown from 2023 Impact Report

Future Fringe Dates

2025 – 21 February to 23 March
2026 – 20 February to 22 March 
2027 – 19 February to 21 March 
2028 – 18 February to 19 March 
2029 – 16 February to 18 March 
2030 – 15 February to 17 March 
2031 – 21 February to 23 March 

Please note, these dates are subject to change


Adelaide Fringe has joined WE’RE EQUAL - an initiative demonstrating the commitment of South Australian businesses and organisations to treat everyone equally.

Adelaide Fringe is the first major festival or event in South Australia to make this commitment to anti-discrimination. 

This means Adelaide Fringe will make sure their premises are a safe space for all people. Adelaide Fringe has zero tolerance for discrimination or disrespectful behaviours, whether to or by their customers, staff, or suppliers and contractors.


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The Adelaide Fringe isn't just an arts festival; it's the heartbeat that makes the city pulse with life and vibrancy. As performances unfold, Adelaide transforms, with every corner echoing laughter, music, and applause. Streets brim with energy, from lively street performances to bustling food stalls. The Fringe doesn't just showcase talent; it awakens Adelaide, making it a radiant hub of culture and celebration. Truly, a must-experience event!

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