Become a Fringe Artist

Adelaide Fringe is an open access arts festival with over 6000 artists performing across more than 300 venues all over South Australia. Being open access means that anyone can register a Fringe Event. It's not we choose you, it's you choose us! 

Event: CIRCUIT. Photographer: Shaun Higgins. 

Adelaide Fringe in 2023 with be held between 17 February to 19 March

Event registrations will open around September, Venue Registration Sign up to our eNews to be notified of the dates.
Make sure you have a read of the 2022 Artist and Venue Magazines for the process and everything you need to consider to take part in Adelaide Fringe. We will update the mags for 2023 but much of the information will still hold true for 2023!

2022 Artist Magazine

Instead of loading you up with all the information at once, we've split the 2022 magazine into four issues focusing on the different aspects of registering and participating in Adelaide Fringe. You can find all of the issues below as they are released. They can also be found in AVR Resources.

Issue 1: Thinking About Fringe

Issue 2: How to Register

Issue 3: Find Your Audience

Issue 4: Your Festival

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Event: L.I.A.R: Life is a Rehearsal. Photographer: Tony Virgo. 

Adelaide Fringe continues to keep close communication with the relevant government departments in order to remain informed about COVID-19 and the associated health guidelines and crowd restrictions. The safety of our artists, venues and the greater community is our utmost priority, and Adelaide Fringe will continue to follow government advice. 

Banner Image – Event: Jackson vs Jackson. Photographer: Trentino Priori.