As a Venue

Venue registrations for Adelaide Fringe 2021 will open from Wednesday, 22 July 2020. 

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About Adelaide Fringe

19 Feb – 21 Mar 2021

Adelaide Fringe has continued to keep close communication with the relevant Government departments to remain informed about the COVID-19 pandemic and the associated health guidelines and crowd restrictions. The safety of our Artists, Venues and the community is our utmost priority and Adelaide Fringe will continue to act in line with government advice.

Thousands of artists and hundreds of thousands of audiences flock to South Australia every year to experience 31 magical days and nights of Adelaide Fringe completely taking over the CBD, surrounding suburbs and regional areas of our festive state. Adelaide Fringe is the Southern Hemisphere's biggest arts festival, the second largest fringe festival in the world, and Australia’s biggest open access, ticket selling arts festival!

Perks of Being a Fringe Venue?

Well firstly, venue registration is completely FREE!

And more importantly, anyone and everyone can be involved! It doesn’t matter how big or small your venue is, whether you’ve got four walls made from bricks and mortar or you’re a completely temporary space (alleyway, pub, concert hall, library, laundromat or double-decker bus), YOU can create Fringe magic in whatever shape or form your venue takes on!

As an open access festival, we don’t book artists or program shows for you. This means you can go nuts in curating a program that’s unique and favourable to your venue. Use your strengths and find your niche! Opening your doors to Adelaide Fringe can open a world of possibilities for you: increasing venue exposure and building new audiences, creating a potential increase in revenue, and enabling you to provide a supportive platform for artists.

Contact the Artist & Venue team via or +61 8 8100 2022 to chat about your ideas or for further info.

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