Adelaide Fringe Impact

2024 Impact Report

Over the past decade, Adelaide Fringe has shown extraordinary growth and impact, solidifying its status as a world-leading arts festival.

2024 Key Facts and Figures:

  • $121M in new money to South Australia (up from $18M in 2014—6-fold increase)
  • 13,553 direct and indirect jobs created (up from 1,930 in 2014—7-fold increase)
  • 306,318 visitor nights created (up from 61,217 in 2014—5-fold increase)
  • $27M total Box Office - this is not kept by Fringe, it is paid out to artists and venues to offset their costs of their show (10 years ago, the Adelaide Fringe Box Office was $11M)
  • $187M total media value

View or download the 2024 Impact Report below, or for a plain text copy of this document, click here.
Data within this report is prepared by Professor Barry Burgan from Economic Research Consultants.
We thank Barry for his time and expertise.

Banner Image: Infamous. Photo: Razan Fakhouri, Adelaide Fringe 2024