Thu, Mar 15 2018
The best of the best from the fourth week of this year's Adelaide Fringe.
The best of the best from the fourth week of this year's Adelaide Fringe.

Adelaide Critics’ Circle Award

Winner: Anya Anastasia - ‘Rogue Romantics’ and ‘The Executioners’
Presenter: Anya Anastasia

Adelaide Fringe Emerging Artist Award 

Winner: Attic
Presenter: Outside the Lines
Winner: Not Another F****d B***h In India
Presenter: Elysia Hall & Julia Rorke
Winner: PO PO MO CO
Presenter: PO PO MO CO

BankSA Best Cabaret Award 

Winner: The Birds and the Beats
Presenter: Grant Busé

BankSA Best Children’s Event

Winner: FoRT
Presenter: Asking For Trouble

BankSA Best Circus & Physical Theatre 

Winner: Elixir
Presenter: Head First Acrobats
Winner: By A Thread
Presenter: One Fell Swoop Circus

BankSA Best Comedy 

Winner: Nath Valvo – Show Pony
Presenter: Laughing Stock Productions

BankSA Best Dance

Winner: Café Cantate - Flamenco
Presenter: Flamenqueando Productions - Rosalie Cocchiaro

BankSA Best Event

Winner: A Soapbox For Democracy
Presenter: The Centre For Democracy, Joanne Hartstone & The Muriel Matters Society

BankSA Best Magic

Winner: Kevin Quantum: Anti Gravity
Presenter: Kevin Quantum
Winner: Confessions of a Magician
Presenter: Pierre Ulric/Global Mysteries

BankSA Best Music

Winner: Laurie Black - Live
Presenter: Laurie Black
Winner: Bush Gothic
Presenter: Bush Gothic
Winner: Sam Perry Live
Presenter: Beardfoot Bookings & Promotions

BankSA Best Theatre

Winner: John Hinton’s Scientrilogy (body of work)
Presenter: John Hinton, Tangram Theatre and Holden Street Theatres

BankSA Best Visual Art & Design

Winner: Wild Things By Artists From The Tutti Art Studios
Presenter: Women’s and Children’s Hospital Foundation

BankSA Best Interactive, Film or Digital

Winner: Escape Room Treasure Hunt: The Bootlegger's Dilemma
Presenter: Offending Shadows Productions

Adelaide Fringe Spirit of the Fringe Award

BankSA Pick of the Fringe

Winner: Elf Lyons: Swan
Presenter: Elf Lyons
Winner: Cirque Africa 2.0
Presenter: Winston Ruddle