Adelaide Fringe Awards

The Adelaide Fringe awards are given to acknowledge outstanding events presented within the Adelaide Fringe program, with both weekly awards and at the end of the festival.

The category awards, and several others, are offered weekly and presented each Thursday night during the Adelaide Fringe at the Fringe Club, with the overall most outstanding awards presented at the closing Adelaide Fringe award ceremony on the last weekend of the Fringe.

These awards are judged by a panel of volunteer judges, carefully selected by Adelaide Fringe, and are based upon three main selection criteria: WOW, audience response, and overall production quality.  

External presenters also distribute a variety of awards at the Adelaide Fringe Award Ceremony, offering an assortment development opportunities including funding for further production/company development, promotion, mentorship and touring opportunities. 

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Weekly Awards

The following awards will be presented weekly, every Thursday, during the Fringe. The overall awards for each category will also be presented at the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Award Ceremony at the Fringe Club. Date to be announced.

Category Awards
  • Best Cabaret Award
  • Best Children's Event Award
  • Best Comedy Award
  • Best Circus & Physical Theatre
  • Best Dance Award
  • Best Music Award
  • Best Theatre Award
  • Best Visual Art & Design Award
  • Best Interactive, Film or Digital Award
  • Best Magic Award
  • Best Event Award
BankSA Pick of the Fringe Award

The Bank SA Pick of the Fringe award is selected by Adelaide Fringe and BankSA

Adelaide Fringe Emerging Artist(s) Award

This award supports an artist(s) presenting fresh and innovative new work, who are in the early stages of their artistic career(s). 

John Chataway Innovation Award

In memory of John Chataway, Deputy Chairperson on the Adelaide Fringe Board who sadly passed away in 2010. This award is presented to the production which best demonstrates innovation, originality, and excellence within its art-form or in the arts in general. John was an accomplished Director who specialised in creative strategies for combining digital technologies with a broad range of communication channels.

Spirit of the Fringe Award

This award will honour any Fringe participant* – artists, volunteers, show crew, venue staff or audience members – who has helped someone else have a magical time during Fringe.

Whether that’s going truly above and beyond their role to help avoid a last minute costume malfunction, to turning around a potentially devastating heckling incident, or otherwise creating a unique and unforgettable experience for another, we want to hear about your Fringe magic moments!

Anyone is free to nominate another for the Spirit of the Fringe award, which will be awarded weekly at the Fringe Club Weekly Award announcements on a rolling basis throughout the festival.

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*Fringe staff members are ineligible for the award. 

Adelaide Critics’ Circle Award

The Adelaide Critics’ Circle is the collective voice of Adelaide’s experienced critics in dance, drama, music, and the visual arts. Established at the suggestion of Robyn Archer in 1996, the Critics’ Circle promotes the art of criticism, upholds its integrity in practice, and supports the advancement of the arts. Candidates will be assessed on their level of artistic excellence, entertainment value, aesthetic appeal, the nature of the performance or exhibition, the extent to which the performance or exhibition challenges the audience, and originality. This award is judged by the Critics’ Circle.

All Other Awards

The following awards will be presented at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Award Ceremony on Sunday 18th March 2018.

The BankSA Awards

The Bank SA awards are given to the overall outstanding event in each art-form category at the end of the Festival. Final nominees for the Bank SA Awards will include selected Weekly Award winners as well as other outstanding events, as determined by the judges panels. Winners will be announced on Sunday 18 March 2018.

Adelaide Festival Centre’s inSPACE Development Fringe Award

The inSPACE Development Fringe Award is given to the best new work by a South Australian artist/collective. The recipient of this award will be offered the use of a rehearsal space to support the creative development of a new work in 2019. They will receive up to three weeks use of a rehearsal room with technical, marketing and administrative support. At the end of the development period they will present two showings which will be included as part of the 2019 inSPACE: Development Program in the Adelaide Festival Centre brochure.

Eran Svigos Award for Best Visual Art

In memory of Eran Svigos, an extraordinary creative force, the Eran Svigos Award acknowledges the most outstanding Visual Arts Exhibition by an individual at Adelaide Fringe. A Bachelor of Visual Arts graduate, Eran co-founded Brompton Palace Art School and designed the costumes and street decorations for the Adelaide Fringe Parade as well as being an exhibiting artist at a number of Adelaide Fringe festivals. Eran also co-founded the internationally successful jewellery company Palas whilst she concurrently served on the South Australian Youth Arts Board.

The winner of this award will receive $2000 generously donated by the Svigos & Dimond families.

The Holden Street Theatres Fringe Award

Judged by Holden Street Theatres and the Adelaide Critics Circle, the Holden Street Theatres Fringe Award offers an emerging South Australian theatre company four weeks of free rental at the Holden Street Theatres for rehearsal, development, or performance.

Companies do not have to apply for this award, however submissions are accepted. It will be offered on merit according to the critics reviewing works during Fringe 2018. Holden Street Theatres offers a generous springboard to emerging talent in tough economic times. The award will avail a local company to free access to the production space of Holden Street Theatres at any time including productions in the following Adelaide Fringe season.

The Peace Foundation Award

The Peace Foundation Award is open to all Fringe artists who promote human rights, social justice and environmental sustainability through their work. The Peace Foundation has been a long supporter of working for peace through the arts by providing seed funding and arts grants for projects. By being part of the Adelaide Fringe Awards, The Peace Foundation aims to support artists whose work aligns with the objectives of The Peace Foundation and at the same time further their commitment to experimentation, excellence and innovation in the arts.

The award winner will receive $1000 generously donated by the Peace Foundation. Please visit the Peace Foundation website for criteria and application form.

The Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award

With 35 years under their belt, Melbourne Fringe is the place to go for pure, unadulterated, uncurated and unexpected artistic discovery. Helping artists develop and providing a platform for a vast, diverse range of voices. The Melbourne Fringe Tour Ready Award presents an opportunity for a local artists to perform at Melbourne Fringe in September 2018, including $2000 in cash or in kind support and free event registration kindly donated by Melbourne Fringe.

The FRINGE WORLD Tour Ready Award

FRINGE WORLD Festival is Western Australia's most popular festival and the third largest Fringe in the world. Produced by Artrage Inc, a Not-For-Profit cultural organisation and charity that has been at the forefront of enriching and evolving the creative arts and culture of Western Australia since 1983. The FRINGE WORLD Tour Ready Award presents the opportunity for a local artist with a tour ready work to perform in FRINGE WORLD Festival in 2019, including $1000 in cash or inkind support and a free event registration kindly donated by Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival.

NZ Fringe Festival Wellington Tour Ready Award

The New Zealand Fringe Festival in Wellington, New Zealand is an arts festival which showcases grass-roots art and entertainment. The festival is held annually for three weeks during February/March. The festival includes contemporary work in art forms. The NZ Fringe Festival Tour Ready Award presents the opportunity for a local artist with a tour ready work to perform at the NZ Fringe Festival Wellington 2019, with support including $1500 in cash or in kind sponsorship, accommodation and marketing support kindly donated by NZ Fringe Festival Wellington.

UniSA Award for Excellence in Aboriginal Creative Arts

The University of South Australia strives to be a University of Choice for Aboriginal peoples. Since its founding the University has demonstrated an ongoing commitment to Aboriginal engagement, education and reconciliation. The UniSA Award for Excellence in Aboriginal Creative Arts recognises a creative work that draws inspiration from and represents Aboriginal peoples, knowledges and cultures, through an original and imaginative lens.

The award is open to all Aboriginal artists performing at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe Festival, including group performances.

Made in Adelaide Award

Like Edinburgh, Adelaide really knows how to do festivals. Made in Adelaide brings together more than 70 artists, festivals, presenters and producers from Australia’s festival city to Edinburgh – the mother ship!

Representing 10 Adelaide festivals, including Adelaide Fringe (second only to Edinburgh’s), this year’s Made in Adelaide delegation will build on the strong presence of South Australian work in Edinburgh during its summer festival season.  The Made in Adelaide Award offers an opportunity to one tour ready work to go to Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2018, including $10,000 cash to support costs associated with travel and presentation of the work

Best Emerging Producer, presented by MILKE 

MILKE, aka Laura Milke-Garner is proud to present this award to the Best Emerging Producer at Adelaide Fringe in 2018. She works with artists to produce and tour productions locally and nationally. She also work with a variety of arts organisations and local councils to program and creatively produce large scale events and festivals.  The award supports an independent producer with a 6 month mentorship in 2018.

Award Winners

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Thank you to our awards partners Graham F Smith Peace Foundation, The Sivigos and Dimond Families, John Chataway (in memorium), Milke-Laura Milke-Garner, Bank SA, Arts SA, Adelaide Festival Centre, Uni SA, Adelaide Critics Circle, Holden Street Theatre, NZ Fringe Festival Wellington, Melbourne Fringe, Fringe World and all our award judges.