We live in an increasingly connected world, but we're more isolated than ever. We lock our doors against the threats outside and fill the holes in our lives with stuff. Meanwhile, seven performers gather in a space where junk and memories we can't let go of gather dust. A hit in Fringe 2017, Outside the Lines are back with a bigger cast and new acts to rebel against our very modern loneliness - diverse performers with unique strengths who revel in the joy of genuine human connection.

"★★★★★ A breath of fresh air, an oxygen jolt to send you high...The best coin that can be spent on circus this Fringe" - Kryztoff Raw

"★★★★ On a stage filled with books and boxes six performers show extraordinary skill and talent" - The Advertiser

Presented by: Outside the Lines

Grown from the heart of the South Australian circus community the manifesto of Outside the Lines is simple: to share the joy we find in movement, the thrill of the adventure and the fun we have doing it all, with you. Our diverse cast of include international performers from companies including Cirque du Soleil and graduates from Australia’s leading circus training programs.

Outside the Lines artist include: Jono Dragt, Ella Fenwick, Marina Gellman, Jordan Hart, Marcela Scheuner & Cat Turner