Fringe-Goers Vs Peter Goers - an icon’s Top Picks at Adelaide Fringe 2023

Thu, Feb 16 2023
We sat down with Adelaide Fringe performer, radio icon and arts lover, Peter Goers to find out his top picks and tips for the 2023 season.
Peter Goers sits in an empty theatre of red chairs, leaning his chin on his walking stick in hand and smirking toward the camera.
Mr. Goers first performed at Adelaide Fringe in 1976 and is an undeniable authority on the arts in South Australia and Adelaide Fringe’s rich history - if anyone knows where to find the best Fringe has to offer, it’s Peter Goers. 
This year Mr Goers encourages Fringe-goers to see ‘plays, ACTUAL THEATRE’ along with ‘any comedian who doesn't pour a bucket over Adelaide when they get to the Melbourne Comedy Festival’. 

The passionate ambassador for South Australia went on to explain that the best way to truly experience Fringe is to take a punt on shows you know nothing about, like lucky dip in or in the regions and suburbs or venues such as Gluttony - a South Australian owned and operated Fringe Venue.

  1. Holden Street Theatres 
    The entire program is brilliant (free parking too)!

  2. Penny Arcade 
    A legend and the Queen of the Fringe.

  3. Tutti Arts at Gluttony 
    Join their Big Fringe Singalong for 2023.

  4. Anything Hans recommends
    See his top picks here.

  5. Shows at the Rhino Room
    A great year-round spot for South Australian Comedy and gigs.