photo of Penny Arcade 1969 by Laura Rubin 
on roof in NY's East Village
Photo of Penny Arcade from 1969 by Laura Rubin
Photo of Penny Arcade from Jackie Curtis's Heaven Grand In Amber Orbit by Playhouse of The Ridiculous as one of the triplets color 
Photo :Jaime Andrews
 Photo of Jackie Curtis, Patti Smith and Penny Arcade publicity still from Jackie Curtis play Femme Fatale 1970 LaMama Etc by Leee Black Childers
Penny Arcade , Jackie Curtis and Patti Smith  publicity still from Jackie Curtis's  play Femme Fatale  1970 LaMama Etc Theater 
Photo by Leee Black Childers

Penny Arcade: The Art of Becoming Episode 3: “Superstar Interrupted"

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Musical theatre
United States

Penny Arcade returns to Adelaide Fringe with her memoir: ‘The Art of Becoming’, sharing her insight into being raised by her immigrant Italian family, and entering the NY arts scene, highlighting 1967-1974, and featuring stories with the likes of Patti Smith, Robert Mapplethorpe and Andy Warhol to name a few. 

This show is about when Fame is not enough. It's about the completion of character, our ancestors and how the past comes back to meet us. 
Expect relatable storytelling presented alongside the rock-and-roll performance-theater she pioneered in the 1980's.

Penny Arcade: The Art of Becoming, a memoir, live show is being conceptualized and created by Penny Arcade and Steve Zehentner.

Presented by: Penny Arcade Performance

Penny Arcade debuted in 1968 at 18 with New York’s explosive Play-House of the Ridiculous, the seminal, rock and roll, queer, glitter/glam, political performance theater that influenced everything from Hair to Punk. A Warhol Superstar at 19 featured in the 1972 Warhol/Morrissey comedy, "Women in Revolt".

Penny is the author of over 16 full length plays and hundreds of solo performance pieces. She is an independent artist who's active career spans over 50 years, contributing to new art forms for every decade since the 1960’s. A highly influential performance and experimental theatre artist , her magnetic stage presence has brought her international renown, her compassionate yet unflinching honesty has influenced generations of artists everywhere, making her an icon of artistic resistance.

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