tutti choir with people singing happily
tutti choir on stage - approx 40 non disabled and disabled singers being generally awesome and smiling and singing happily
tutti choir on stage waving their hands in the air like they just dont care! (happily)

Tutti's Big Fringe Singalong

Music • Family
South Australia

"It would be hard to find a more enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon than in the company of such an enthusiastic and joyous group of singers as the Tutti Choir." Barry Lenny, Glam Adelaide

After performing to a packed house at Adelaide's Festival Theatre during the DreamBIG Festival 2021, the Tutti Choir once again invite you to join for their Big Fringe Singalong 2023.

Everyone is welcome at this all ages inclusive event featuring an irresistable smorgasborg of songs, in a variety of musical styles. This show is sure to leave you overflowing with positive energy and pure singalong joy!

Led by Musical Director Carol Young, the Tutti Choir features disabled and non disabled singers who have delighted audiences with their uplifting performances for over two decades.

Presented by: Tutti Arts Inc

At Tutti Arts, learning disabled and neurodiverse artists create visual art, theatre, music, screen and dance, and experiment with art and technology. Tutti empowers learning disabled and neurodiverse artists by producing and presenting high-quality outcomes, supporting Disability Led collectives, and supporting their careers.

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