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YOAH - A new style of circus, combining Japanese drums and electro sounds, based on the theme of the moon at dawn.


A new style of circus, a fusion of traditional and digital, is coming from Japan!

Media reviews

Fresh 92.7
07 Mar 2024

The show brings together creative uses of augmented reality against sheets, accompanied by immersive sound design and in-person performances

Fringe Feed
06 Mar 2024

Integrating stunning light and sound features into their show, the performance blends traditional and non-traditional circus art forms.

28 Feb 2024

effectively blends tradition with innovation

Stage Whispers
25 Feb 2024

The entire performance had a sense of urgency, with dramatic music in the form of Japanese drums and electronic sounds…

Fest Mag
24 Feb 2024

An impressive, experimental and sensory circus show

See Do Eat Review
23 Feb 2024

If you’re looking to be moved, if you’re looking to feel something, then YOAH is that show!

Hi Fi Way
22 Feb 2024

YOAH is a masterful storytelling art in motion show

Your Local Hok
21 Feb 2024

Undoubtedly redefines the art of contemporary circus, fusing together traditional circus acts with experimental and technological artforms.

Kids in Adelaide
19 Feb 2024

This is one of those Fringe shows you'll want to see more than once.

19 Feb 2024

The latest work from Japanese contemporary circus company Cirquework is a precise balancing act of tension, beauty and joy.

Glam Adelaide
19 Feb 2024

oah manages to reinvigorate my love of the circus with it’s innovative use of digital technology to make it all feel fresh again

The List
19 Feb 2024

YOAH combines traditional and contemporary styles to put itself at the forefront of modern circus

What's on in Adelaide
17 Feb 2024

Yoah dazzled audiences with its alacrity. Seamlessly blending traditional circus acts with light.

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  • Emotional roller-coaster 1
  • Hidden Gem 4
  • Mind-blowing 2
17 February 2024 - peta s.
This show had me on the edge of my seat. Outstanding performance
Emotional roller-coaster
Emotional roller-coaster
21 February 2024 - Michele O.
Epic. Beautiful. I cried (good tears). The hand balancer 😱
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