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Tracy Crisp: Stitches - A woman wearing a denim tunic is standing next to a sewing mannequin. She is using a tape measure to measure the mannequin's waist. Her back is to the camera, but she has turned her head to look at the camera. The background is bright, deep orange. In the foreground is a Singer sewing machine.

Tracy Crisp: Stitches

a new dress finished every night--and not just any dress, it's my funeral dress

Audience Reacts

  • Hidden Gem 2
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Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem
15 February 2024 - Kylie P.
Great storytelling, great show.
Standing ovation
Standing ovation
23 February 2024 - Sarah K.
Tracy's ability to combine genuine hilarity with authentic pathos is something to behold. One of Adelaide's treasures.
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