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Singin in the Pain - Curtain call at a burlesque show. The host wears an orange suit and sits in their wheelchair laughing in the foreground, with a cast of various performers standing side by side in the background.

Singin in the Pain

Exploring disability theory, personal anecdotes, and pet peeves with a bevy of burlesque stars.

Audience Reacts

  • Emotional roller-coaster 3
  • Standing ovation 6
  • Bow chicka wow-wow 2
Emotional roller-coaster
Emotional roller-coaster
10 March 2024 - Carmel G.
This show is authentic to its core. The artists share personal experiences living with disabilities and it is done in such a honest and non-shaming way that you feel safe to be yourself
Standing ovation
Standing ovation
22 February 2024 - Andrew G.
A cabaret show organised and performed by disabled and chronically ill artists. Much of the show is burlesque, with a bit of (excellent) singing and stand-up, and there wasn't a single dud. Each performance is built around that particular person's struggle, sometimes with humour, sometimes with sass, sometimes with anger, or combinations of these and more. Each performance felt very personal. An excellent show!
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