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Most Human Post-Human - Most Human Post-Human production and artists perform on stage

Most Human Post-Human

Stone Age instincts vs tech in this multidimensional tapestry of music, movement & mind manipulation

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25 March 2024 - Andrew G.
Featuring circus, theatre, dance, comedy, magic, live music, and tech-driven acts (such as electric unicycle stunts), it's basically all of the Fringe rolled into one show. But though it has a massive amount of variety, it has a strong and unique identity, and the performances explore ideas about technology, art, and being human which strings all the acts together. See this show!
Standing ovation
Standing ovation
26 March 2024 - Nancy L.
A powerful unravelling of the magic behind our interoceptiveness and a timely reminder of becoming divinely guiding in our own lives and in our own community ecosystems
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