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Bits Akimbo: Get in the Boot - Three comedians stand against the trunk of a white sedan, one holding a cowboy boot. They're dressed in pastel suits and white pants. The vibe is 80's Miami Vice. They look really cool.

Bits Akimbo: Get in the Boot

High-octane absurdist nonsense from Melbourne's ONLY sketch comedy trio, Bits Akimbo.

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Bow chicka wow-wow
Bow chicka wow-wow
05 March 2024 - Anthony C.
Hilarious!!! Will have you laughing all the way throughout, plus some unexpected participants were included too!
12 March 2024 - Rochelle A.
Booked this show at a whim and absolutely loved it. Terrifically absurd, it made me laugh-cry. Will be keeping an eye out for future shows from these guys!
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