Peter Goers' Top Picks for 2024

When it comes to Adelaide Fringe, few voices ring with as much authority and affection as Peter Goers. A South Australian radio icon and a long-time performer at Fringe, Peter is synonymous with the city's thriving arts and culture scene. His extensive experience on the stage and behind the microphone has given him an unparalleled perspective on what makes the Fringe tick. In the following article, Peter shares his top picks for Adelaide Fringe 2024, a list that's not only curated from years of insider knowledge, but also brims with the passion of a true Fringe aficionado. From hidden gems to headline acts, Peter's recommendations are your ticket to experiencing the best of what this spectacular festival has to offer.

Before diving into the program, Peter exclaimed that EVERYTHING at Holden Street Theatres, also affectionately known as "The Home of Theatre", is a must see! Renowned for its eclectic and thought-provoking program, the venue becomes a bustling hub for local, national, and international performances during the Fringe season. You can check out their full program here.