Next Stop, Adelaide Fringe!

Next Stop: Australia's Biggest Arts Festival!

G'day from Adelaide!

Looking for your next arts and cultural adventure? Look no further.
Adelaide Fringe is a world-renowned, annual arts festival that celebrates culture, place and artists from across the globe. Spanning 500 venues throughout South Australia and more than 1,300 shows across multiple artforms, there’s something for everyone to soak up the magic of Fringe. With more than 60 years of heritage, Fringe’s innovative and inclusive approach as an open-access arts festival has made it a hub for emerging talent, as well as a destination for established international artists. 

Adelaide Fringe’s popularity has led to significant growth year-on-year, becoming a must-visit destination for culture seekers from all over the world. Come and join us for an unforgettable experience at the Adelaide Fringe, where you can immerse yourself in creativity, connect with new people, and enjoy some truly superb wonders.

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Adelaide Fringe will run 21 February – 23 March 2025.