Yoz is wearing a purple glittery suit with their hands raised
Mr Disco has their arms raised - they are wearing a disco ball helmet and a silver sequined jumpsuit
Yoz mimes pressing their face against a window. They are wearing a big fluffy jacket.

Yozi - No Babies In The Sauna

Yozi has been called many things- a fever dream wizard, an instrument of distraction, a hot piece of sass- but never a 'rule breaker', and for good reason. This by-the-book bad binch holds one rule above all others: NO BABIES IN THE SAUNA.

Every rule has a reason, every caution sign has a cautionary story, and every baby has to GET OUT OF THE SAUNA RIGHT NOW!

Witness this multi-award-winning creature perform absurd-solo-sketch-comedy like you almost-definitely have never-ever-ever seen before.

★★★★★ "Mesmerising" Mindshare 

★★★★1/2  “Dynamite” The Advertiser

★★★★ “Fearless” The Age

Comedy • Theatre
South Australia

Tue, 05 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

55 min

My Lover Cindi

$25 to $30

M (5 Warnings)

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