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Yozi - No Babies In The Sauna - Yoz is wearing a purple glittery suit with their hands raised

Yozi - No Babies In The Sauna

Clown School dropout with gigantic shoes to fill!

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  • Emotional roller-coaster 2
  • Hidden Gem 11
  • ROFL 26
  • Bang for your buck 1
  • Bow chicka wow-wow 1
  • Mind-blowing 2
  • Standing ovation 15
Standing ovation
Standing ovation
07 March 2024 - Maxwell B.
Get ready for an unforgettable ride with Yozi, a genuine standout in the fringe scene. The performer's passion is palpable from start to finish, delivering a whirlwind of laughter! This show is an absolute delight, filled with impeccable comedy and genuine authenticity. Witnessing someone so perfectly in their element is a rare treat indeed. If you're in need of a good laugh and a reminder of the power of pursuing your passions, look no further than this incredible, incredible show.
06 March 2024 - Luke F.
So hilarious and sincere. It felt like a show that was written exactly for me. Avoid the front row if you don't like having milk on your legs and/or feet
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