Steve Sheehan - close-up of Steve Sheehan with only one eye and half mouth visible

Steve Sheehan

Prepare to enter the wild and whimsical world of stand-up comedy like you've never seen it before! Steve takes a hilarious, unconventional look at the art of comedy itself. It's a unique blend of shaggy dog tale comedy and ambient humor, all woven together with a dash of classical music to create an unforgettable and unique comedic experience.

In the world of stand-up comedy, expectations are high, and punchlines are everything. But what happens when you unravel the conventions and push the boundaries of comedy to new and absurd heights? Well something like Steve Sheehan and his comedy show that throws the rulebook out the window and dances to its own, delightfully peculiar tune.

"his brand of humour creeps up on you and delivers a witty sting in the tail" Adelaide Advertiser

Comedy • Stand-up
South Australia

Fri, 16 Feb - Mon, 11 Mar

45 min

Upstairs at The Howling Owl (+2 more)

$15 to $18

M (2 Warnings)

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