Role To Cast LIVE - The logo of the Podcast - Role To Cast with the name in bold white lettering. Behind the name is a purple hewed landscape with a castle in the background. In the foreground a yellow shaft of light illuminated four blank, blue dice of different shapes arrayed on a platform.

Role To Cast LIVE

Join four professional Aussie performers for four incredible nights of tabletop roleplaying at The Lost Dice, Adelaide's beloved board game cafe. Role to Cast LIVE brings the Ennie award-winning tabletop roleplaying podcast to the stage with each member of the cast taking the storyteller's seat for one night to weave an original story set in a world of their choosing and where the roll of the dice decides between triumph and disaster. The crew's unrivalled storytelling will be enhanced by professional lighting, sound and production for a fully immersive experience that is utterly unique.

Grab a bite and a drink from the Lost Dice kitchen and bar as you settle in for an evening of tabletop action, drama and hilarity.

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Theatre and Physical Theatre • Improv
South Australia

Sat, 24 Feb - Sat, 16 Mar

3 hr

2nd Floor Function Room at The Lost Dice

$30 to $40

M (5 Warnings)

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