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Role To Cast LIVE - The four cast members of Role To Cast pose and smile at the camera from behind their game table at The Lost Dice Cafe. From left to right they are Ellen, Sean, Phil and Chris. They are lit in bright colours and wearing 1930s inspired clothing.

Role To Cast LIVE

Four evenings of tabletop action, drama and hilarity at The Lost Dice cafe.

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Standing ovation
Standing ovation
10 March 2024 - Heath F.
An incredibly funny show, with each cast member vying for centre-stage, yet working together, in this improv RPG cat-herding exercise. An absolute gem to watch (and occasionally shout ideas from the crowd), well worth every cent and then some. Can't wait to go again! Great local SA talent, standing proud!
Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem
25 February 2024 - Jamie H.
TTRPG fans rejoice! Eminently watchable performers transporting you to worlds far and wide, with many silly jokes and moments of surprising pathos. You don't even need to be a fan of the podcast to jump right in! Also, you can make fun of Ellen for owning so many dice, and maybe even win your own - what's not to love!
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