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Absolute Riot

Cabaret • Dance Theatre
In a wild tornado of hilarious showmanship and exotic glamour, multi-award winning showgirl and Australia's Got Talent finalist, Miss Friby, performs her one woman variety show with world class wit, astounding acts and satirical bite. As though her life depends on it (debate-able), Miss Friby's high end choreography, sultry vocals, world class wit, absurd anecdotes and lyrical-contemporary-modern-jazz-ballet-magic are an Absolute Riot. It's the show you never knew you needed.

Australia's Got Talent Finalist (2013)
Green Room Award Nominee (2012 / 2015)
Fields Award Nominee 'Contribution to Australian Vaudeville' (2015)

"Strange & frothy & original & fresh" Dawn French

"Head to Toe Talented" Theatrepress.com

"She had the audience eating out of the palm of her hand" ArtsH

Important information:
This event takes place in an open-air venue within Gluttony. Unless it is deemed unsafe to do so, the show goes on, rain or shine, so please come prepared for the forecast weather. Umbrellas are not permitted during performances. Entrance to this venue is off Rundle Rd via Gate E.

Presented by: Miss Friby

Miss Friby’s unique brand of cabaret, burlesque & vaudeville shows are a tornado of rigorous choreography and satirical bite, promising an unforgettable audience experience. The Melbourne based performer has received high acclaim amongst the dance community (featured artist - 'Immersed Dance Industry Gala' 2013/14), invited to present alongside top international clowns at 'So You Think You Can Clown' (Comedy Festival Hub 2012), nominated for multiple Green Room Awards for ('Innovation in Cabaret' (2012)/ 'Best Ensemble' (2015)) and was a featured finalist on 'Australia's Got Talent' (2013), further selected for Belgium's World 'Best Talent' show. Miss Friby's directorial/choreography work can also be seen at 'Bubble Show for Adults Only' and 'Catch Jazida' (Dance Weekly AWARD winner 2020).

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