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Heavy Metal Bubble Show - guy in fur with a bubble on top of his horns

Heavy Metal Bubble Show

I make Bubbles and Play Heavy Metal Music, It is Awesome.

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Bang for your buck
Bang for your buck
08 March 2024 - Tracey D.
Funny and entertaining. Great show. 👍
Hidden Gem
Hidden Gem
06 March 2024 - Andrew G.
Murray plays snippets of metal songs, with a different bubble trick for each track. The bubble work is super impressive and fun, and between tricks he'll talk about the songs and also his life. A somewhat personal show, Murray passionately shares his love of metal, and how it helped him better understand himself and other people. It's definitely not a serious show though, as many of the stories he tells are very amusing (and often wild), and he has a casual charm throughout. Super entertaining!
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