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    Singin' In The Pain - Diana Divine, a white burlesque dancer with dark hair in a bun looks directly at the camera. They rest a pink walking stick on their shoulder. They are wearing a sparkly black bra & jacket.

    Singin' In The Pain

    Bow chicka wow-wow
    Bow chicka wow-wow
    20 March 2022 - Jamie Y.
    These ladies are talented sexy and sassy. Look forward to more of there shows outside of fringe. will definitely bring friends along to these shows
    BLANC DE BLANC ENCORE - The cast of Blanc de Blanc Encore pose together in elaborate gold costumes on a sparkly peach background pulling faces that are cheeky, fun and engaging. There is confetti and a bottle of champagne at their feet.


    Standing ovation
    Standing ovation
    20 March 2022 - Kelly T.
    Blanc de Blanc was a fantastic mix of singing, comedy and acrobatics with a risque twist. The time went so fast.
    Serpent Dancer - Egyptian dancer with white snake wrapped around her torso

    Serpent Dancer

    Bang for your buck
    Bang for your buck
    19 March 2022 - Raegan K.
    How do I put this without seeming creepy?🤷🏼‍♀️ Watching Flavella's fit body bend and undulate while draped in beautiful, luxurious fabrics and sparkly things was nothing short of deliciously mesmerising.🤩 And then she brought out the snakes! 🐍
    Crowd Control | A Crowd Work Comedy Competition! - Artwork for Crowd Control, featuring a caricature of a young female comedian with red hair atop a heap of bodies that she has slain with her biting and acerbic comedy routine.

    Crowd Control | A Crowd Work Comedy Competition!

    Bang for your buck
    Bang for your buck
    19 March 2022 - Raegan K.
    A whole lotta audience interaction in this improv. Be prepared to participate.😬 Different contestants every night. Completely unscripted! One winner.
    The good, the bad and the ugly - pic of nick ash and jakeb doing the poster for the good the bad and the ugly

    The good, the bad and the ugly

    19 March 2022 - Jamie Y.
    Three funny locals who share their experiences about parenting, culture and the local suburbs with a hint of dark humour
    No Man's Land - No Man's Land logo

    No Man's Land

    19 March 2022 - Jamie Y.
    a hairlous bunch of ladies sharing their experiences about love life swinging and emus Was laughing from start to finish.
    Shake It - Woman with her back to the camera wrapping her arms around herself, in a top hat and matching lingerie

    Shake It

    Bow chicka wow-wow
    Bow chicka wow-wow
    19 March 2022 - Jamie Y.
    Never seeing a burlesque show in my life I'm glad This was my first. well done to the cast on such a amazing show
    Adults Only Magic Show - two male performers, one upside down wrapped in chains, the other holding a chain and key in either hand. Red and white logo diagonally in front reading "Adults Only Magic Show"

    Adults Only Magic Show

    Standing ovation
    Standing ovation
    19 March 2022 - Jamie Y.
    These guys are so entertaining I had to see them twice
    Black Puddin' - Black Puddin' by Haus Of Kong. Featuring, Thomas "Kween Kong" Fonua
Image by: Joel Devereux

    Black Puddin'

    Bang for your buck
    Bang for your buck
    18 March 2022 - Shaun C.
    An amazing ensemble cast of varied talents absolutely kill it on stage in tightly choreographed routines and breathtaking solo performance. The formula for this show is spot on. I would see it again and again. You will smile, you will cry, you will have every emotion in between. A brilliant work.
    Letters To The Editor - Letters To The Editor (Changing Jennifers)

    Letters To The Editor

    16 March 2022 - Raegan K.
    The magic of improv is the wacky, random ride you get to take with the artists. There were times I wondered how these guys would manage a denouement, but we got there... via some really clever and funny ideas.
    SOMNIA 2.022 - A single female kneels with her eyes closed, as if in a trance. Moonlight shines over her shoulder, illuminating star dust all over her face, long flowing hair & body.

    SOMNIA 2.022

    Bow chicka wow-wow
    Bow chicka wow-wow
    16 March 2022 - Millie P.
    This show was magic! If you are interested in dreams and the mystique involved - this show will keep you captivated 🤩 I would see it again and again and again. ❤️
    Paul Dabek - Mischief - Direct from Las Vegas! - Paul Dabek with devil horns stands in the box of a British theatre with a cigar in his mouth that he is lighting with a burning 20 pound note.

    Paul Dabek - Mischief - Direct from Las Vegas!

    Bang for your buck
    Bang for your buck
    16 March 2022 - Caroline M.
    Do yourself a favour & grab tickets to this show - you will not be disappointed! Very funny & entertaining show, Paul is a first class magician and delivers great tricks with a heap of laughs.