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    Tom Gleeson - Gear - Tom Gleeson stands in front of a stage curtain, illuminated by red and blue lighting. Tom is smiling, looking to the right of camera, while holding a microphone

    Tom Gleeson - Gear

    Standing ovation
    Standing ovation
    27 February 2024 - Laura T.
    There's comedy and then there's Tom Gleeson. His razor sharp wit can work with anything the crowd dishes up and his prepared material is comedy gold.
    2 Girls 1 Mic - two young women licking a microphone

    2 Girls 1 Mic

    27 February 2024 - Laura T.
    If you're sick of run of the mill comedy from the big acts get yourself to this show to experience something different. An intimate show with plenty of opportunity for audience interaction, these girls won't leave you disappointed.
    Maliphant x Major - 4 dancers stand in light performing the work unfolding by lewis major

    Maliphant x Major

    Standing ovation
    Standing ovation
    27 February 2024 - Amy I.
    Mesmerising contemporary dance delivered by exceptional dancers. Accompanied by clever lighting design and magnificent music. Another brilliant show by Lewis Major and team.
    Haiku For You - The same woman appears three times in front of a book case, with a novel, flowers and a pensive expression

    Haiku For You

    27 February 2024 - Alice K.
    Haiku by women Funny and clever to boot You should buy tickets
    Only Bones v1.9 - A man standing on a single hand in a black void.

    Only Bones v1.9

    27 February 2024 - Richie B.
    If Only Bones v1.9 was in a modern art exhibition people would be queueing to go see it!
    John Robertson: The Dark Room - The background of the image looks like an 80's game. Image of a man is screaming to the camera in the middle of the image. Around the square image there are options in each corner, which imply you must pick an option to move onto the next level.

    John Robertson: The Dark Room

    Hidden Gem
    Hidden Gem
    27 February 2024 - Joel T.
    So fun, so interactive, so unique, a perhaps example of how to have fun at Fringe!
    B.L.I.P.S. - A sheet swirling around Margot Mansfield where you can only see her legs


    Emotional roller-coaster
    Emotional roller-coaster
    27 February 2024 - Liz D.
    A story shared from the minds, hearts &experience of two complementary artists. Margot’s mesmerising performance skills guided by Jess Love’s knowledge & experience have delivered a dynamic & moving show. It left me tired,hurt,healed & needing to give & receive a hug. Mind blowing, sensational show! Oh don’t forget to buy a pencil case ……. Odd
    Slippery - Three people stand at a table. They are wearing white nightdresses with high ruff collars. The person on the left holds a phone, on the right holds a spoon, and the one in the middle is making a shocked expression.


    Hidden Gem
    Hidden Gem
    27 February 2024 - Kerry W.
    Hilarious! They audience were crying tears of laughter! A bonkers murder mystery, with sensational characters and such funny performances. A must-see...don't miss it!
    Her Majesty - The Queen Rock Show - Female singer leaning back with microphone. On stage next to guitarist

    Her Majesty - The Queen Rock Show

    Standing ovation
    Standing ovation
    27 February 2024 - Jennifer H.
    Fantastic high energy show. ‘We will rock you’ … and indeed it does, with all the great Queen hits, wonderful costumes and amazing stage props. See this show and you will be dancing by the end. Just brilliant.
    Infamous - Malilyn Monroe and our drunk Janitor posing in front of backdoor sign. Dancing troupe wow a crowd of hundreds.


    Bow chicka wow-wow
    Bow chicka wow-wow
    27 February 2024 - Leonie S.
    Bloody fkn awesome
    Heavy Metal Bubble Show - guy in fur with a bubble on top of his horns

    Heavy Metal Bubble Show

    27 February 2024 - Nikita W.
    This man has seen some things. He will tell you about them. Bubbles and heavy metal are also loosely involved. Very overall entertaining performance from a skilled artist!
    BELIEVABLE - MARTIN BROCK - Magician Martin Brock main picture for his comedy magic show "Believable".


    Hidden Gem
    Hidden Gem
    27 February 2024 - Susan L.
    What an amazing show! Martin was super entertaining and we were very impressed with his magic. Great showmanship!