Reviewed by: Fringe Feed
Review by Scott Bradbrook | 25 February 2023
Outrageously, electrifyingly, and head-exploding-ly hilarious! The Umbilical Brothers are sure to leave you laughing till your sides hurt. Their show, aptly titled The Distraction, gives audiences an hour of wild antics, giant babies, and freeze frames that will leave you wanting more! The comedic duo behind the Umbilical Brothers, David Collins and Shane Dundas, are masters of surreal jokes and physical comedy, with content rarely seen in today's fast-paced Instagram reels and TikToks. Their brilliant flair for laughter and skits has taken them all around the world and the Adelaide Fringe is truly lucky to have them perform for us. Throwing it back to the late 90s and early 00s, this show is sure to make you feel like you've just come home from school, you've turned on the TV that still has a massive box behind it, and you're watching The Upside Down Show Effortlessly switching between crazy characters and surreal scenarios, the Umbilical Brothers provide a line-up of scenes that is sure to tickle your funny bone. A highlight character of the show, and a core part of the narrative, is Dwayne Witney, the American space tourist who loves pressing buttons. With special guest appearances from Houston in mission control, Steve Jobs in the cloud, a baby that’s a shark but still a baby, and the audience themselves, Fringe-goers are in for a wild ride. The performer's interaction with the crowd and dedication to improv is outstanding and a testament to their industry. Having performed in 40 countries for the most prestigious crowds, it's no wonder that their show is a hit, with some shows selling out and seeing crowds shoulder to shoulder in the Vagabond at The Garden of Unearthly Delights. With their outstanding and amazingly talented technical assistant Doug helping bring the show to life, this is a Fringe show not to miss! Get your tickets now!