Reviewed by: Fringe Feed
Review by Scott Bradbrook | 18 February 2023

The lovechild of famous movie scripts and a language breakdown, Lost in Translation is sure to have audience members in fits of laughter. Inspired by popular films like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Jurassic Park, the cast of amazingly talented performers will leave your sides tickled with glee as they read scripts translated to and from English.

You may be familiar with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, but have you seen Larry Crocket and the Apartment of Gossip? The wizarding world of Hogwarts may have been enchanting, but it has nothing on the hilarious antics at Pig-pimples. Journeying through the second instalment of the Harry Potter franchise, audience members are greeted with the familiar score from the films, inspiring nostalgia and making even the muggles feel at home.

Larry Crocket and his companions-turned-lovers are thrust into a chaotic narrative, featuring a Scottish professor McGonagall, a lightsabre battle with a herb, and more than a few spicy interactions with his rivals, teachers, and friends.

But the antics don’t stop at funny names and more-than-curious dialogue. The entire plot is transformed into a fever dream, with an elevator flying into the whomping willow, monsters made of legs (and legs alone) in the forbidden forest, and replanting “the man that is drake” in herbology class. The hour of oddities and mischief is filled with laughter no matter which film is featured.

Each of the performers is a testament to their industry, with comedic voices and unparalleled acting. Picking the right moments to break character whilst keeping the audience entertained and engaged, the group is immensely talented and delivers a stellar performance, one that Fringe-goers are sure to hold dear as one of the highlights of the season. With a different movie featured in every performance, audiences are in for a wild ride of fun, laughter, and not-so-serious commentary on the film industry. 

Whether you’re a spellbound Potterhead, a dastardly pirate, a dinosaur expert, or an adventurous halfling, you will absolutely love Lost in Translation! Do yourself a favour and book your tickets now before they sell out!