Five performers wearing colourful and bright costumes pose as a group.
Five performers take a bow on stage in their costumes from the show.
Five performers in colourful and bright costumes pose in a row.

YUMMY: The Kids Extravaganza!

• Circus
Victoria • SA Premiere

Did you ever have a dream where you could do anything?  Dreams turn into reality in this uplifting extravaganza about the power of believing in yourself. With jaw-dropping circus and rollicking comedy, this hilarious story about following your dreams has it all: contortion, juggling, hula hoops, trapeze... and even a space unicorn!!! Join Barry Gumnut and his incredible friends as they take you on a journey you'll never forget. 

YUMMY has been a crowd favourite on the Australian and international Fringe circuit for the past seven years. With multiple awards under their wigs, this will be YUMMY's first time producing a kids show. Watch them soar into your hearts and deliver rainbows across your stage!

Presented by: YUMMY Productions

YUMMY is a multi-award-winning cabaret company that incorporates drag, dance, circus, and burlesque, and has been presenting critically acclaimed productions since 2015. Having toured to over 50 festivals around Australia and overseas, YUMMY have won hearts and minds around the globe. Known for their slick aesthetic and camp sensibility, YUMMY will make you fall in love and howl with laughter. Celebrated for A unique style and high production values YUMMY is recognised internationally as a leader in cabaret. Recent awards include "The People's Choice Award" (Melbourne Fringe 2021), "Best Cabaret" (Fringe World 2019), and "Best Production" (Green Room Awards 2018) among others.

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