Your Silence Will Not Protect You - One individual staring straight ahead as another, upside down, screams into their right ear.

Your Silence Will Not Protect You


Do you remember the panic attack you had the first, and only, time you fisted someone? Gavin does. And it was hilarious.

Acclaimed queer artist Gavin Roach has caved into demand and is finally offering up a more “happy” and “fun” show. A joyous and illuminating adventure about coming to terms with mental illness, navigating alcohol abuse and trying to figure out why the hell you didn’t say something sooner.

Critical acclaim for Gavin Roach:

"As a writer and a performer, they makes it easy to laugh at the absurd, and hard to ignore the painful." - Australian Arts Review

"The writing is clever, witty, and bounces sharply from moment to moment." - Theatre Travels


Theatre and Physical Theatre • LGBTQIA+

Tue, 20 Feb - Sat, 24 Feb

60 min

The Warehouse Theatre


R18+ (4 Warnings)

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