A bald man in a pink shirt, braces and yellow bow tie looks through the centre of a doughnut. Next to him, a man in a white t-shirt and pink shirt looks through the centre of a doughnut.
One man in a pink shirt and blue trousers holds another man, also in a pink shirt and blue trousers, caught in his arms — in front of a large pink doughnut.
A man in a pale blue onsie is surrounded by 4 poop puppets — 1 orange, 1 green, 1 blue and 1 red. A large pink doughnut stands behind him.

You Are a Doughnut

• Comedy

From the creators of the "The Alphabet of Awesome Science"…
…comes a biological-musical-comedy that explores the ins and outs of the human digestive system!
Join biology teachers Oesoph A. Gus and Dewey Dean as they take a hilarious journey through every twisting tube and organ — with sketches, songs and sensational science! It’s a fast-paced variety hour, with each new digestive destination inspiring a wonderfully unusual performance.
It’s a little bit gross — and a ‘hole’ lotta fun!
You might even learn something (…even if that’s just an excellent new fart joke!)
★★★★★ “A lesson on the human digestive system in the most fun, action-packed way you could possibly imagine” Glam Adelaide
★★★★★ “The audience just lapped this one up… it is a proper 5 star show. Get around it!” Kids in Adelaide

Presented by: That Science Gang

That Science Gang creates “Science Theatre” for young people and their families.

We facilitate collaborations between theatre creators and science communicators to produce science-infused productions that better equip audiences to ask BIG questions about the world around them. We seek to inspire audiences to expand their scientific knowledge and literacy, so that they can better engage in important real world conversations.

That Science Gang is presenting two award-winning shows at the 2023 Adelaide Fringe Festival – a thrilling (and explosive!) race through the alphabet in “The Alphabet of Awesome Science” and a vaudeville-inspired journey through the human digestive system in “You Are a Doughnut”.

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