Yasemin Sabuncu: The illest

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The Howling Owl:

Drama Llama at Rhino Room:

2 Venues

The Howling Owl

The Howling Owl, Vaughan Pl, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Drama Llama at Rhino Room

131 Pirie St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Occasional, Mild

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Occasional, Mild

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Drug Use, Mental Health

Yasemin Sabuncu: The illest - Event image

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A joyful and off the wall exploration of the meaning of life when things don't work out how you expect. Featuring comedy and stories like: taking ayahuasca with shamans, awkward near death experiences, living your best life, surviving her own Ground Hog day, and her crush on Keanu Reeves. 

Inspired by when Yasemin felt 'the illest' and when Doctors offered no answers. Desperate, she moved to the Mecca of wellness in Byron Bay to turn her life around. There she left no stone unturned on her path of self transformation living in the local free wheeling counter culture.  It was there she was diagnosed with endometriosis and ADHD and learnt how to thrive with these conditions. Join Yasemin as she shares her lust for life and adventures down the rabbit hole. This heart-warming, hard-hitting, glitter-filled comedy presents a painfully poignant look at illness and approaches we can take to the unexpected hurdles in life.


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Yasemin Sabuncu

Yasemin is a multidisciplinary storyteller across performance, writing, visual art and TV/Film. She aims to create stories that uplift, engage and promote diversity in innovative ways. Her works explores ideas of belonging, identity, liminality, spirituality, the environment, race, health and being “the other.” Recently Yasemin was selected as a Midsumma Pathways recipient for 2020/21, got selected into AFTRS Talent camp, selected to observe in a TV writers room and for a diversity scholarship in improv and sketch comedy. She put on Adelaide's 1st street art festival and was a part of the street art world. Her works have shown internationally and nationally at prestigious festivals. Yasemin was in LA this year where she was doing comedy, studying improv/sketch, and pitching TV projects.

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