Yabarra - Dreaming in Light

South Australia • World Premiere

We invite you to journey with us along an immersive dreaming track to experience story of creation and country at Tandanya. For all 31 days and nights of the 2020 Fringe, audiences are invited to come experience the dreaming through cutting edge light technologies and state of the art illuminations. A free story for all generations and all communities to share in. Yabarra will be a unique indoor cultural experience which will engage, immerse, and educate all who share the dreaming in light.

Commissioned and Co-Produced by Adelaide Fringe

Karl Telfer, Cultural and Creative Producer 

Yabarra - Dreaming In Light, is brought to life by our Partners and Co-Producers:

Government of South Australia, Novatech, Epson, City of Adelaide, The University of Adelaide, Yellaka, Monkeystack, Illuminart, MOD., and Tandanya.

Audio Description:

Tuesday 25th February 6pm - 7pm

Relaxed Performances:

Tuesday 18th February 10am - 11am

Sunday 1st March 4pm - 5pm

Wednesday 4trh March 6pm - 7pm

Saturday 14th March 10am - 11am

Presented by: Adelaide Fringe

We recommend that an optimal experience will take between 30 mins and 1 hour, however we encourage you to experience Yabarra - Dreaming in Light at your own pace. For this reason, please allow for possible entrance delays to reserved session times.