Workmates - Image of David Arcidiaco and Robbie Greenwell on a white background. Robbie is giving David a piggyback ride and looking very happy, while David looks very apprehensive.


Theatre and Physical Theatre • Comedy
South Australia • World Premiere

Two work mates with one sole mission; to adjust to the ups and downs of office life. Inspired by ‘The Office’ and ‘Fawlty Towers’, this creative collaboration between actors David Arcidiaco and Robbie Greenwell provides an immersive, comedic and relatable insight into the search for meaning in the ‘9 to 5’ daily grind. The connection that forms between two unlikely partners, both with differing approaches to the corporate world they find themselves in, provides a meaningful glimpse into the complex human condition. Fusing physical comedy, sketch comedy and surrealism, this is an unmissable commentary on office life and corporate identity.

Presented by: Robbie Greenwell & David Arcidiaco