A close up, dreamy shot of wild Australian flowers shot at golden hour
A close up shot of Steph in profile speaking into a microphone while holding a guitar. The background is dark. Steph wears a black sheer top.
A mid shot of Steph playing a guitar and singing into a microphone. She is wearing a pink strappy tank top and brightly coloured earings.


Music • Folk
South Australia

Woolgather (verb) 'to engage in fanciful daydreaming'. Woolgathering once literally referred to the act of gathering loose tufts of wool that had gotten caught on bushes and fences as sheep passed by. Woolgatherers must have seemed to wander aimlessly, gaining little for their efforts.

Singer/songwriter Steph Daughtry knows all about the appearance of wandering aimlessly without having much to show for it. But with the support from the dreamy vocals of Alice Barker (Roger and the Albatross), she has weaved together the ephemera of her fanciful daydreams into an intimate and vulnerable showcase of the songs that up until now have been left wandering by the wayside.

Presented by: Stephanie Daughtry

Steph is a cross-disciplinary Creative Producer, Director and Artist working across live performance, film and installation. She also sometimes writes songs that as a rule she refuses to share even amongst her closest friends. Woolgatherer will invite you into this inner world, featuring folk songs and projection at the incredible My Lover Cindi bar.

Alice Barker is part of bands Roger and the Albatross and the Ukulele Death Squad. With vocals reminiscent of Florence and the Machine - she's a real treat for the ears.

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