A woman with curly hair, dressed in a sleek black and gold costume, stands confidently. She holds a piece of flowing red fabric, her gaze powerful and determined. A quote reads "A song writing and multi disciplinary wonder" from Stage Whispers and the name of the show Wonderfully Terrible Things all in gold tones is present.
A collage of seperate images. A curvaceous woman interacting with a smiling audience member. A woman in a black gown standing on stage. A curly haired woman wearing gold boots holding a metal hoop. A woman with curly dark hair in a large gold skirt playing piano, pictured form behind showing the audience in front of her. A curly haired woman wearing a black and white striped corset and black cage skirt twirling an audience member. A curly haired curvaceous woman interacting with a beautiful female red head performer.
A collage showcasing various performers: a woman with curly hair confidently holds a microphone, another image captures her skillfully playing the piano, and a third scene portrays a playful interaction with a red-headed performer in a vibrant burlesque costume.In other images a beautiful dark skinned woman is performing with fire. Another image shows a man shooting fire at a prop and sitting on abed of nails surrounded by fire and a candelabra.

Wonderfully Terrible Things

After a SOLD OUT season at Adelaide Fringe, one of Time Out’s top shows to see in Sydney is BACK! Prepare for an unforgettable night of dark comedy, original music, soaring vocals, and daring feature acts. Led by our menacing mistress of ceremonies, Christine Ibrahim, who critics hail as "a force to be reckoned with - a song-writing and multi-disciplinary wonder with a soaring, engaging voice."

Broadway World raves, ‘You haven’t lived until you have seen an operatic version of WAP.” But be warned: this show is full of debaucherous and daring acts! "As far away from child-friendly as possible" (See Do Eat ★★★★.5).

“This is not a show for the delicate, shy, or easily offended” (City Hub). But for everyone else, have you done 'Wonderfully Terrible Things'?

Attention viewers, please be advised that the following program contains adult themes, coarse language, nudity, haze, smoke effects, every f**king shit imaginable and loud noises. It is also offensive. Viewer discretion is advised. Thank you for coming

Music • Comedy
New South Wales

Fri, 19 Jul - Sat, 20 Jul

55 min

The Kingfisher at Glenelg Winter Arts Festival


M15+ (8 Warnings)

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