Wine Confessions with Tash York - Host holding glass of wine, in a purple dress and speaking enthusiastically.

Wine Confessions with Tash York

• Tasting
South Australia

Wine tasting with just wine is so 2020.

Come to Confession where we have teamed up with Chalk Hill Wines to create a Wine
tasting experience like no other. Touch, taste, sound, smell and sight… Nothing is off limits!

Under the glittering charm of cabaret superstars Tash York and Victoria Falconer each
delicious wine will be paired with a song. A smooth and silky red, deserves some smooth
and silky live vocals and piano accompaniment does it not? With a bevy of songs, multiple
unconventional instruments, hilarious banter and of course WINE this is the most unique
fringe event of the year!

For those wine buffs out there - Don’t worry, it will still be a very educational experience with
Ross from Chalk Hill Wines providing tasting notes before every wine/performance… usually
with a few cheeky interjections by our cabaret darlings!

Just when you thought the experience wasn’t enough, each wine will also be paired with
textured cardstock ( did someone say stationary! ) which will also feel like the wine you are
tasting. Each card compliments each wine. A gorgeous rose gold paper stock for a fresh
zesty Rosé… you have to feel it to believe it!

6 different wines, 6 different songs, 6 different cards and somehow it just makes sense!

Captained by the wine-loving antics and witty repartee of fringe favourite Tash York, a
multi-award-winning singer, improviser, cabaret performer, producer, podcaster and Emcee
there is never a dull moment! Plus there is even a scented Chalk Hill candle made from the
grapes of the wine itself so you literally are completely immersed in a wine loving sensory

“I only want to drink wine with Tash and Vicky entertaining me from now on, plus the wines
are SO delicious!”.

“I never realised a wine's taste could be heightened just by what music you were listening to,
it’s absolutely something you have to experience for yourself!” - Audience Member

“This is the best Fringe show I’ve ever seen. Wine and cabaret! Genius!” ★★★★★

Presented by: Confession

With her wine-loving antics and witty repartee, Tash York is a singer, improviser, cabaret performer, MC and….. balloon twister! Known for her ballsy voice, dynamic energy and an uncanny ability to rap on command, Tash “is a phenomenal performer, charismatic and courageous”(Theatre People).