A woman with long brown hair is sitting, leaning against a navy blue background. The words Why We Tell Stories is above her in different colours. The words are surrounded by sketches of random objects like a butterfly, light globe and stars.

Why We Tell Stories - Live from Calgary

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Digital Media
Canada • World Premiere
Spoken word poet Miranda Krogstad intersperses her work with TED Talk-style lecture and other interdisciplinary arts for this powerful, multimedia show. Using poetry, film, captions, comedy, dance, music, and other art forms in this storytelling journey, the show will leave you feeling engaged and inspired, uplifted and challenged.

Through personal stories on the universal themes of love, loss, humor, self-expression, and more, Krogstad uses her individual experience to point out the commonalities in all of us. Heart-warming, hopeful, and vulnerable, 'Why We Tell Stories' is an appeal to acceptance and diversity that should not be missed.

NOTE: This performance aims to be accessible to various hearing and vision abilities by incorporating multiple mediums, languages, and senses.

Presented by: Miranda Krogstad

Spoken word poet meets eternal optimist, Miranda's poetry ranges in topic from child's play to empowerment, giving life's obstacles a feel-good finish. A member of the 2016 national wild card team, member of the 2013 Spoken Word Program at the Banff Centre, Calgary Arts Development grant recipient, and a 2-time Canada Council for the Arts grant recipient, she now runs the spoken word network YYSpeak: a communal and supportive space for local spoken word artists.