a performer with brown curly hair in all black holds hand up to cover face in a purple background
a performer lays on the floor, reaching their hand out wearing black and grey
seven dancers in a studio, standing in line all holding different poses

Whispers Down The Lane

South Australia • World Premiere
A live dance experimental performance whereby movement, memory, and individual growth are challenged through dance. The concept based on a dance film documentary produced by Chloe Moir in 2021.  "A beautiful and inspiring film" -Michellepotter.org The film hypothesised that if a chain of dancers (one-by-one) were to watch a video performance of the dancer before them only once and try to immediately replicate it, their rendition would resemble the previous performance in some ways but introduce new influence and change.  ‘Whispers Down The Lane’ in the form of a live performance adds live risk to this concept and ensures that each show is unique and an experience all of its own. This show invites audiences to experience the dancer process, their emotions, and enjoy the payoff.     

Presented by: chloe moir

Chloe Annalise Moir is an emerging dance artist and Choreographer from Adelaide, South Australia. She has been trained across multiple disciplines with her education credits including UniSA and ACArts. With a sharp focus on contemporary dance, she has been given a vast amount of opportunities including mentorship with Dance Hub SA, performances within Adelaide Fringe events, and furthermore continues to share her passion with others as a youth dance teacher/instructor. Having been involved in a variety of performances on stage, choreographing and producing her own works performance events entirely, she is becoming increasingly interested in dance experimentation, filmmaking and music video as a new means in which to tell her stories and share her art.