Where's The Dog? - The Williams family are leaning over the kitchen island with shocked faces as their dog Billy, is looking a little guilty in front of the island bench.

Where's The Dog?

‘Where's The Dog?’ is an outrageous musical comedy that delves into the turmoil when the family dog, Billy, goes missing. As the search for Billy turns up empty, the Williams family fabric begins to unravel, blame is cast, secrets unearthed, pent-up frustrations felt, mid-life crises triggered, and relationships breakdown. This barking mad tale will have the audience in stitches and maybe even a few tears as it explores the chaotically profound, relatable, and somewhat disappointing journey of being human. As some would say it’s a dog-eat-dog world, but not to worry, there will be no consumption of canines of course. Amidst the turbulence and heartache, the central question remains...will Billy be found?

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Musical theatre
South Australia • World Premiere

Wed, 28 Feb - Sat, 02 Mar

55 min

Main Theatre at Goodwood Theatre and Studios


M15+ (5 Warnings)

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