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When Harry met Willy

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'HOLD ON TO YOUR HATS as you entice your musical senses with the charismatic Will Metzer and his extraordinary Big Band and string ensemble. Showcasing Will's original compositions and the Best of Harry Connick Jnr standards. Be dazzled by Adelaide's finest musicians and special guests including the captivating Australian Idol winner- Natalie Gauci. The show highlights the influence and musical parallels of Harry Connick Jnr and Will Metzer. The original composition arrangements have been co-written with the legendary Bob Johnson (Daly Wilson Big Band) and Will himself. The music will showcase Will's colourful life and diverse music styles: Jazz, Pop, Latin and Contemporary and his zestful ability to entertain. Break the Ice Entertainment welcomes guests with Doris Day and Marilyn Monroe!

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Jazz It Up Music

Will Metzer has been performing since he was six years old whilst living in Texas in the USA. Yes he started his own marching band at the age of six! With a zestful character and playful ways, Will entices his crowd by appealing to the inner showperson in all of us! The Will Metzer Big Band has been performing since 2015 and performs all styles with a Jazzy twist. Will smoothly seduces the listener into the swinging classy sounds of: Harry Connick Jnr, Tony Bennett, Michael Buble and Count Basie to name a few. In recent times, his mentors: Frank Althuizen and Bobby Johnson have really made such efforts with Will and his musical development. Will has performed piano and vocals all over the world in festivals, jazz clubs, and prestigious hotels and his love for entertaining oozes out of him!

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Top of the Ark at Arkaba Hotel

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