Four men sitting on a sofa looking toward camera. One holding a vintage cassette player.


India's ever-evolving band balance their folk-pop roots, with forays into indie and alternative rock. 

Their 2016 debut EP was 'Joy of Little Things’. Their unique style of songwriting draws upon multilingual lyrics and infectious sing-along choruses, incorporating acoustic folk instruments like the banjo. The 2018 breakout 'Khoj (Passing By)' from their sophomore offering 'Believe', achieved critical and public acclaim.

The band's first full length album 'When We Feel Young' (2021), featured electric guitars, synths and a pop flourish while retaining some of their folk-indebted sound. Their third EP 'LYTS', was recorded in London with producer Richard Wilkinson. They are currently the most streamed English band in India and have cemented themselves as genre pioneers in the country. 

Music • International
India • Australian Premiere

Fri, 01 Mar

60 min

Nexus Arts Venue

$39 to $49

G (2 Warnings)

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