What I Saw Last Year: A Comedy Show About Movies - 3 male comedians

What I Saw Last Year: A Comedy Show About Movies

Holy Gazoots, where are Margaret and David when you need them? What will I watch on nettyflix once all this cheap live entertainment is over in Adelaide?? Comedians Jackson Grant, Nick Gooch and Joseph Salcedo-Storer have the solution for you! A 50 minute comedy movie review show! From the creators of Comedy Compass comes an answer to the question: “What did you see last year?” Well, we saw stuff like Barbie, Oppenheimer, Saw 10, Cocaine Bear, the Mario Tennis movie and I think there was another Dune movie but that may have just been a bad trip in the desert. It's stand-up comedy about movies, so if you like one of those two things then you're half way to not being bored. That's 50% don't you know? Featuring special guests.

IN CINEMAS MARCH 14TH-16TH! And by cinemas, we mean above a pub.

Comedy • Stand-up
South Australia • World Premiere

Thu, 14 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

50 min

Upstairs at Duke of York Hotel

$17 to $19

M15+ (2 Warnings)

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