Image of Courtney [lead character and actor] sitting on a rock at the beach in a blue and green silk dress.
Image of Courtney [lead character and actor] holding a green heart shaped hand-mirror with the reflection of her face central to the camera, against a blue sky.
Image of Courtney [lead character and actor] sitting on a windowsill in a blue and green silk dress.


Theatre and Physical Theatre • Storytelling
Western Australia • SA Premiere

WHALE is a raw, hilarious and poignant show that is part comedy, part theatre and a lot of storytelling. It tells the true story of Courtney, a fat and funny lesbian, documenting her journey from a boy crazy, hyper feminine ‘pick me’ girl to a woman who quite frankly does not give a f*ck anymore about what people think.

It’s been a long journey with failed diets, passive aggressive comments and crying in Sportsgirl changerooms, but she’s ended up alright. More than alright, actually. WHALE explores the ‘Funny Girl’, a persona that uses humour to disguise weight. It's critical of generational diet culture, the entanglement of fatness and sexuality and the fact that Courtney gets told she reminds people of Rebel Wilson because they are “kind of similar”.

Presented by: Crash Theatre Co

Crash Theatre Co is a radical and future bound independent theatre company based in Boorloo (Perth, WA). Forged by two young women, the visionaries behind Crash are storytellers - each living a life with bumps in the road, with opportunities lost and won, determined to succeed and destined to make an impact. Crash is the result of over a decade's worth of collaboration and a labour of love that began in 2012 in a university common room.

Originally established as the Performing Arts Alumni Society (PAAS) in 2018, this creative collective have been producing original and intentional productions since its inception. Crash is committed to telling stories of resiliency, risk and resourcefulness, aiming to be a mouthpiece to expressive and impactful stories that need to be told.