Welcome to the Internet - A closeup of an eye with dark eyeliner, looking to the left of the screen, revealing the reflection of a question mark, in the eye. Dark blue and magenta shadows cast the face.

Welcome to the Internet

‘Welcome to the Internet’ follows the bizarre malfunction of a search guide struggling to handle the internet’s most outlandish questions, searches and social media content, available on your device. The show explores the themes of IRL and cyber safety, human ignorance and ridiculous online interactions in a way that is simultaneously hilarious and informative. Our awkward and fed-up guide explains some of the most awful, embarrassing, and foul things found on the internet to date, whilst also sharing its infinite knowledge and advice. The show is a wild ride of light-hearted jokes, mature content, and serious themes, that can teach the audience a lesson or two about navigating their way around the world wide web. 

There isn't an awful lot of parking, however public transport is easily accessible. The venue can also be a tad tricky to navigate, therefore a video will be put up on the linked Instagram of the easiest way to enter the venue.

Comedy • Physical Theatre
South Australia • World Premiere

Sun, 25 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

50 min

The Warehouse Theatre

$22.50 to $26.50

M15+ (3 Warnings)

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