A character sits in a Delorean, like the one from Back to the Future. He is looking to the right. The colours are hyper pinks and blues. He wears a Hawaiian themed shirt.
3 characters are overwhelmed by fungal spores traveling at the speed of light. They have no idea what is going on
two men are arguing in a grungy office kitchen. There is evidence of time travel and the speed of light.

We Have All the Time in the World.

Working at the world’s most exciting time travel company must be a dream come true, right?
The interns are unpaid, the management is incompetent or corrupt, and no one ever does any work. With a reporter snooping around, the CEO mysteriously disappearing, and authorities closing in, will our plucky heroes make it to the next board meeting?

Written by AWGIE award winning playwright Jamie Hornsby, in collaboration with On The Fringe, a mind-bending, side-splitting workplace comedy about time travel, punching baby Hitler, and whether or not anyone’s ever going to clean the fungus from the breakroom. Sharp, satirical and very, very silly. Directed by Alby Grace. Think The Office meets Back to the Future.

"One Day He Changed ... witty & perceptive" Craig Cook, Adelaide Now ★★★★1/2

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Sci-fi
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 18 Feb

60 min

The Gallery at The Courtyard of Curiosities at the Migration Museum

$25 to $35

PG (3 Warnings)

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