Roxy Stardust stands on stage talking into a mic. She has red hair, a red jacket with fringe, shirts and a shirt with frills. She wears a black hat.
Roxy Stardust stand on stage in front of a red curtain, she is smiling wide. In her right hand she holds a Jerry can of Irn Bru.
Peachy Pear stands on stage with blue lights behind her. She wears a greet corset with purple tartan bows, purple gloves and a head pieces made to look like a thistle. She is blonde. she her right hand over her right shoulder.

Viva GlasVegas: A Burlesque Showcase from Scotland

Join Scotland's very own GlasVegas Showgirl Roxy Stardust as she presents an hour of burlesque performance featuring a host of homegrown heroes and traveling performers. There will be dancing! There will be tassels! There might even be a haggis or two! Who knows what she's got in store, but in true Scottish fashion we can assure you it certainly will be entertaining. So get ready for an explosive show that’ll be sure to blow the wind right up yer kilt! 

“Finding a ‘good’ burlesque show that is standalone burlesque and not a good routine as a part of a cabaret show can be challenging. I’ve seen my fair share of misses over the years, but this was different. A brilliant show with skilled and talented dancers and so much laughter!” ★★★★ Fringefeed, 2023

Cabaret • Burlesque
United Kingdom (Scotland) • SA Premiere

Fri, 23 Feb - Fri, 08 Mar

60 min

Nineteen Ten


R18+ (3 Warnings)

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