A man in a black turtleneck sweater holds a comedia del'arte mask close to his face with a pretentious and arrogant expression.


Tobias Finlay-Fraser is the greatest actor of his generation. Only problem is, he’s played by little-known actor/comedian Casey Filips. 

Virtuoso is a one-man comedy hour following the trials and tribulations of a pretentious idiot doing anything he can to win over the crowd, finally claim his overdue Oscar and save theatre from the cultural abyss.

“The Australian Genius” - Philippe Gaulier
“Outrageously funny” - Time Out, Melbourne
“A guy in the audience fell off his chair laughing. Go go go.” - EdFringe.com

Comedy • Solo show
Victoria • World Premiere

Wed, 06 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

50 min

Laugh Lounge


M (2 Warnings)

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